The Sonus Guitar Chair

The most ergonomic musician's chair ever crafted

Benefits of the Sonus Guitar Chair

Fine-Tuned Seating for Musicians

Play in comfort in Brian Boggs Chairmakers’ unique and specially-designed Sonus guitar chair. No more slumping in your seat because of lacking lumbar support. No more straining your neck to see the fret board or your picking hand because of an awkward seating height. No more over- or under-extending your wrists to compensate for an inadequate space. No more standing up from a prolonged jam session only to wobble on numb, sleepy legs.

The Sonus chair promotes proper posture and diaphragmatic breathing, allowing your body to not only sit more comfortably but remain in playing position for longer and with less fatigue. Whether you place your instrument across one knee or in the classical position with a footrest, the Sonus guitar chair supports every part of the player’s body for a healthy, comfortable posture. And the Sonus musician’s chair is not just for guitar players. Banjo, mandolin, and dulcimer players alike will also experience profound comfort in the Sonus chair.

Strum, Pick, and Hammer for Years in the Sonus Guitar Chair

The short-term benefits of the Sonus guitar chair are immediately obvious to any musician who sits in it for the first time, but the long-term benefits of maintaining proper posture—no matter what instrument—cannot be emphasized enough.

The proper playing posture in a Sonus guitar chair extends to every other facet of a player’s life, especially if a musician is sitting down for hours a day, every day, honing his craft. Comfort is of course important, but constantly overstraining your body from contorting into your playing position has farther-reaching repercussions than a crick or some soreness the next day. Brian Boggs Chairmakers understands the needs of the human body in the playing position and strives to perfect furniture that properly supports and comforts everyone. And remember, the Sonus guitar chair for musicians provides support for not only guitar players, but banjo, mandolin, and dulcimer players as well.


A Guitar Chair Sculpted from Sustainably Harvested Tonewoods

As an added touch, we make every Sonus guitar chair from some of the same hard tonewoods that master luthiers use to make quality, long-lasting instruments.

And don’t worry, the wood would not be better suited for more instruments. We actually take the discarded pieces deemed unsuitable for instruments for acoustic reasons—but still retain their look and sturdiness—and “upcycle” them into the Sonus guitar chair. Brian Boggs Chairmakers prides itself on bringing out its naturally inspired designs from the lumber we work with, but we also strive to make sure that all the wood we use comes at minimal expense to the planet. The Sonus guitar chair, like all pieces built by Brian Boggs Chairmakers, is constructed from sustainably harvested timber using practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Product Specs

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Ordering Process

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