The Sunniva Outdoor Wooden Rocking Chair

Handmade luxury for your porch, patio, or garden.


Sunniva Rocking Chair

An outdoor rocking chair built for the elements

Named using the Gaelic word Sunniva, which means “gift from the sun”, Brian Boggs Chairmakers’ Sunniva Collection includes one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and physically supportive outdoor rocking chairs on the market. Our goal is to make sure every client gets to deeply enjoy a sunny day with loved ones on the deck, porch, or patio. The Sunniva outdoor rocking chair is a luxury design that is made with comfort, durability, and elegance in mind.

The Sunniva Collection is guaranteed to maintain strength and stunning visual appeal even after the impact of the sun, cold, and rain, and other forms of precipitation. This outdoor chair is beautiful to look at and made to last through every season. It is both highly durable and luxurious, the perfect combination of engineering and artistry. Choose an outdoor furniture line unlike any other and always leave a lasting impression.

A comfort-centric outdoor rocker shaped by master craftsmen

Comfort is one of Brian Boggs’ specialties. He carefully designed the accurate lumbar support curves of the Sunniva outdoor rocking chair’s back slats using a unique stop-cut lamination process that he developed. Every piece of the chair is hand-shaped for maximum comfort.

Construction is optimized for longevity and all-weather performance. There are very few pieces of hardware involved; nothing can become loose or get weak. Pieces come together in rock-solid joinery that is fully housed, meaning there is no way for moisture to enter the joints and compromise strength. Once assembled, the furniture is coated with either penetrating oil finish or boat paint in any color. Water rolls right off.

Each indoor and outdoor wooden chair by Brian Boggs Chairmakers is built to an heirloom spec and rigorous standards developed by founder Brian Boggs and his 30+ years of artisanal chair-making experience. A piece built by Brian Boggs Chairmakers is intended to last for years and years to come.

Sunniva Outdoor Rocking Chairs


Proudly offering sustainably sourced Honduran mahogany

The entire Sunniva collection is built from sustainably-sourced Honduran mahogany, an exceptionally performing wood long prized in furniture making and yacht building. We source this wood from GreenWood Global, a non-profit organization that Brian helped found over 20 years ago. GreenWood is a trio of sawyers' cooperatives that selectively hand-harvest massive trees in the Honduran rainforest. The lumber is sent to international companies - like us and Taylor Guitars - and also used by local craftspeople to make a variety of chairs and handcrafts.


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Sunniva Porch Swing

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